Life Groups.

Life Groups

At Summit, we believe that the invitation to a Covenant relationship with Jesus isn’t just to Jesus, but also to the family of Jesus. The best way to understand the church is to understand it as a spiritual family. As such, it’s impossible to live out the life of Jesus in isolation; rather, we choose to engage life together as a family. But not as just any family‚Ķas a family that represents the three relational aspects of the life of Jesus.

UP-ward: His relationship with His Father.

IN-ward: His relationship with His spiritual family.

OUT-ward: His relationship with the broken world around Him.

Because the body of Jesus is the representation of Jesus, we believe all gatherings centered on the Gospel should reflect the UP, IN and OUT of Jesus’ life. So we seek the Father (UP), encourage and build up each other (IN) and reach out into the world (OUT). It has to be all three!

As our church moves towards becoming the kind of family that embraces all three of these aspects, we are currently using Life Groups as our vehicle for experiencing this reality. These groups of 8-14 people gather together regularly (usually weekly), do UP, IN and OUT together and are constantly asking these two questions: ‘What is God saying to me?’ and ‘What am I going to do about it?’ These groups are for adults of all ages, stages of life and spiritual maturity levels.

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